Natural + Artful Candles for a Joyful Home

Enigma is about evoking a feeling, a memory, a reminder to pause and appreciate the present moment every day.

Certified clean, plant-based ingredients and no-waste vessels ensure a candle that leaves your home and our planet a better place

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  • Candle Care + Tips

    Learn how to choose a candle for your space, best practices for burning, how to get the most life out of your candle, and how to clean out an empty vessel. Click here

  • What Customers Say:

    "These candles have helped get me through some really anxious moments lately. I’ll smell them when I walk back in the room and take a deep breath and the smell of the cedar, or clove, or citrus fills my lungs and I’ll feel myself relax enough to not lose my mind..." Read more

  • About

    Hi! I'm Rebecca- ceramicist, candlemaker and creator of Enigma Candle Foundry. I believe in the power of the intention and care behind handmade goods- bringing beauty and joy to your home with scent, color, texture and sound.