About Us

Hello! I'm Rebecca Allbaugh, ceramicist, candlemaker and creator behind Enigma Candle Foundry. I believe in the power of the intention and care behind handmade goods- bringing beauty and joy to your home with scent, color, texture and sound.

I believe candles should create an atmosphere of your home- they should smell natural and beautiful, not like air freshener. I want everything we buy and bring into homes to make things better- less waste, less air pollution, less chemicals.


Handmade = Happier: evoking a feeling, a memory, a reminder to pause and appreciate the present moment every day.


I create contemporary ceramic vessels to brighten your home decor in a sustainable way. I love sitting down at the throwing wheel and finding out what the clay has to say- I create dozens of playful shapes, forms and colors to suit any home and personality.

I am committed to researching, testing, sampling and formulating to bring you the cleanest, most sustainable luxury candles. 


Enigma Studio