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Zigzag Coffeehouse Candle

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Each lusciously scented candle comes in a one of a kind artisan ceramic piece- shape may vary from product pictured.

Thrown on a potters wheel with a speckled stoneware clay, trimmed, fired, then dipped in a glossy glaze and fired again- every piece is treated individually with creativity and care.

Filled with plant-based wax and nontoxic fragrance, each candle will burn cleanly for ~60 hours, then is reusable as a cup, planter, organizer or holder for any votive candle.

IMPORTANT: keep wick trimmed after every burn- more info here

Meet the February Fragrances:

Grapefruit & Cardamom: This is Enigma’s signature scent- sweet fruit but a little spicy, fresh & warm at the same time. Bright grapefruit & pink pepper are balanced by rich cardamom and a hint of warm cinnamon.

Dark Rose & Cassis: A sophisticated late winter floral: Burgundy rose petals, sharp geranium and blackcurrant liqueur.

White Sandalwood: Earthy, light and a little exotic, this woodsy unisex blend contains hints of leather and smoke.

Coffeehouse: Smells like your favorite neighborhood coffee shop- a true roasted coffee bean aroma, with hints of steamed milk and baked croissants. The perfect morning pick-me up; also helps eliminate kitchen odors.